Julie and Jay Back, D.O.
Cardiothoracic Surgeons ~
Larry Dullye, D.O.
Janell and Scott Cyrus, D.O.
Diagnostic Imaging Associates, Inc.
Terri and Tom Hamilton, D.O.
Oklahoma Cancer Specialists
and Research Institute ~
Steven Buck, D.O.
Edward Yob, D.O.
OSU Anesthesia ~
Stephen Bovasso, D.O.
Kimberlie Dullye, M.D.
OSU Cardiology ~
John Carabello, D.O.
Sharolyn Cook, D.O.
Steve Kim, D.O.
Dan Wildes, D.O.
Matt Wilkett, D.O.
OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine
OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine
Alumni Association
Pain Management of Tulsa
Rich & Cartmill, Inc. ~
Scott Selman
Rodolf & Todd
St. John Health System


Arvest Private Banking
Mary Jane and Steven Buck, D.O.
Jan and Kenneth Calabrese, D.O.
Cleveland Area Hospital
Drs. Lisa and Drew Crawford
Ruth Ann Fate
Firstar Bank, N.A.
Healthcare Optimization Partners, LLC
Imaging Services of Oklahoma, PLLC
Frank and Beverly Mathis, D.O.
Oklahoma Surgical Hospital
OSU Medical Center
OSU Medical Center Professional Staff
OSU Surgery ~
Adam Bradley, D.O.
Brian Diener, D.O.
Laurie Duckett, D.O.
Hal Robbins, D.O.
Keith Simmons, D.O.
St. John Health System
Piper and Deacon Turner


Diane and George Erbacher, D.O.
Green Country Rehabilitation, LLC
Barbara and Stan Grogg, D.O.
Doris and Fred LeMaster, D.O.
Theresa and Clell Pond, D.O.
W. W. Stoever, D.O.
Sue Smith Taylor and Cliff Taylor
Sheila and Michael Whitworth, D.O.


Laura Arrowsmith, D.O.
Luke and Jazmin Baker, D.O.
Krystina and Jason Beaman, D.O.
Drs. Heather and Frank Bell
Linda K. Berger ~
In Memory of Edwin A. Berger, D.O.
Molly and Sheldon Berger, D.O.
Shannon Boughner, D.O.
Sharna and Stephen Bovasso, D.O.
Jill Drummond and Robert Brinkley, D.O.
Tricia and Matthew Brown, D.O.
Drs. Stacy and Justin Chronister
Vicki and Michael Eimen, D.O.
Arlen Foulks, D.O.
Drs. Carolyn and Stan Handel
Drs. Carol and Chris Hanson
Tammy and Davin Haraway, D.O.
Drs. Elizabeth and Brian Harris
Darci Hazelwood, D.O.
Sheila and Buck Hill, D.O.
Trenton and Shannon Hillier, D.O.
Rita and David Hitzeman, D.O.
Robyn and David King, D.O.
William and Natasha Knowlton, D.O.
The Koski Christian Group at Morgan Stanley
Drs. Jean-Maria and Daniel Langley
Robert S. Lawson, D.O.
Doris and Fred LeMaster, D.O.
Oklahoma Osteopathic Association
Lynn and Danny Resser, D.O.
Drs. Michele Neil-Sherwood and
Mark Sherwood
Courtney and Neal Siex, D.O.
Adam Nemec and Mo Som, D.O.
Brad Stahlheber, D.O.
Sue and Tom Stees, D.O. ~
Jacqui and Stephen Back, D.O.
Todd and Dana Terrell, D.O.
Andy and Candy Ting, D.O.
Mallory and Brad White, D.O.
Chris and Amanda Whytal, D.O.
Susanna and Henry Will
Kathy and Tom Williams
Kim and Jay Williamson, D.O.
Sherri Wise, CPA
Drs. Courtney and William Wylie
Kevin Yunt, D.O.
Debbie and Garrett Zelkind, D.O.


Ed Beshara’s Formal Wear
Michele Caine
Thomas M. Campbell ~
In Memory of Charlotte I. Campbell
Midge and Ralph Coffman, D.O.
Nevin and Richard Loerke, D.O.
Caroline Merritt, D.O.
Gita Meshri, D.O.
Melanie and Joe Sutton, D.O.
Kristi and Jacob Tarabolous, D.O.

In-kind Grand Prize Donors

Barbara and William Drotar
Greg H. Gray, D.O.
Hyatt Regency Tulsa
Israel Diamond Supply, LLC
J.A. Mathis Company
Julie and Sanjay Meshri
Ski Docs ~
Jay Back, D.O.
Kenneth Stover, D.O.
Leon Yoder, D.O.
Darren Whitson
Mary and Davey Wilkett