Outstanding Physician Award

The Foundation’s prestigious Outstanding Physician Award is presented annually to an osteopathic physician who has demonstrated extraordinary service to his or her patients, to the education of future physicians, to the profession, and to our community. The Outstanding Physician Selection Committee is faced with a monumental challenge each year to select just one osteopathic physician from the many qualified members of our organization who are recommended.

Outstanding Physician Honorees

For over 30 years, a distinguished group of physicians has been honored with the Osteopathic Founders Foundation Outstanding Physician Award. These physicians, who are chosen by their peers, are selected for their extraordinary service to patients, to the community, to the osteopathic profession, and to the education of young osteopathic physicians. The exemplary careers of these honorees are a tribute to the history of this profession and an inspiration to their successors. We congratulate and thank all our past honorees as we anticipate the announcement of the 2022 Outstanding Physician.

2020 Outstanding Physician


Past Honorees

2020Kayse M. Shrum, DO
2019Scott S. Cyrus, DO
2018Stephen G. Bovasso, DO
2017Michael H. Whitworth, DO
2016J. Martin Beal, DO
2015W. W. Stoever, DO
2014Tom A. Hamilton, DO
2013Stanley E. Grogg, DO
2012Arthur G. Wallace, Jr., DO
2011George E. Erbacher, DO
2010 J. Harley Galusha, DO
2009Donald M. Dushay, DO
2008Joseph J. Back, DO
2007Michael P. Carney, DO
2006Steven C. Buck, DO
2005Richard R. Polk, DO
2004Dean R. Fullingim, DO
2003 Larry J. Dullye, DO
2002Harold L. Battenfield, DO
2001 R. Michael Eimen, DO
2000Beverly J. Mathis, DO
1999James S. Seebass, DO
1998Kenneth E. Calabrese, DO
1997David F. Hitzeman, DO
1996Dan H. Fieker, DO
1995Robert S. Lawson, DO
1994James D. Edwards, DO
1993B. B. Baker, DO
1992Walter F. Kempe, DO
1991Joseph A. Keuchel, DO
1990Ebb W. Reeves, DO