Ascension St. John
Bernstein Global Wealth Management ~
Piper and Deacon R. Turner
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Children and Adolescent Medical Services ~
Scott S. Cyrus, D.O.
Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority
Diagnostic Imaging Associates, Inc.
Terri and Tom A. Hamilton, D.O.
Healthcare Optimization Partners, LLC
Hillcrest HealthCare System
MedPro Group / PLICO
Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute ~
Steven C. Buck, D.O.
OSU Anesthesia ~
Stephen G. Bovasso, D.O.
Kimberlie K. Dullye, M.D.
Julie A. Riddle, D.O.
Brad A. White, D.O.
OSU Center for Health Sciences
OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Alumni Association
OSU Medical Center Professional Staff
Rich & Cartmill, Inc.


Arvest Private Banking
Jan and Kenneth E. Calabrese, D.O.
Diagnostic Imaging Associates, Inc.
Ruth Ann Fate
Darci R. Hazelwood, D.O. and Michael K. Pickens, D.O.
Mind Spa Psychiatry ~
Sarah E. Land, D.O.
OSU Cardiovascular Medicine ~
John A. Carabello, D.O.
Sharolyn D. Cook, D.O.
Daniel E. Wildes, D.O.
D. Matt Wilkett, D.O.
Shane S. Yamane, M.D.
Oklahoma State University Medical Center
Oklahoma Surgical Hospital
The Orthopaedic Center


Damon L. Baker, D.O. and Mousumi Som, D.O.
Doris and Fred C. LeMaster, D.O.
Jarrod and Sarah E. McClanahan, D.O.
Jason C. Schroder, D.O. and Matthew T. McClurg, D.O.
Danny E. Thomason, D.O.
Tulsa Osteopathic Medical Society
Susanna and Henry G. Will


Sarah M. Adams, D.O.
Whitney and James P. Allen, D.O.
Jacqui and Stephen A. Back, D.O.
Drs. Amy L. Hurlburt and Clint J. Basener
Dee Ann and J. Martin Beal, D.O.
Drs. Krystina K. and Jason W. Beaman
In Memory of Edwin A. Berger, D.O. ~
Linda K. Berger
Molly and Sheldon C. Berger, D.O.
Shannon N. Boughner, D.O.
Sharna and Stephen G. Bovasso, D.O.
Erin and John M. Carlson, D.O.
Drs. Stacy M. and Justin D. Chronister
Matthew J. Comstock, D.O.
Jennifer and Jimmy B. Dang, D.O.
Patty and Larry J. Dullye, D.O.
Drs. Kimberly D. and Scott E. Felten
Grogg’s Green Barn ~
Kelly and Carla Grogg
Barbara and Stanley E. Grogg, D.O.
Tammy and G. Davin Haraway, D.O.
Mark and Teresa G. Hardesty, D.O.
Christopher and Tara B. Hasenpflug, D.O.
Joan and Brent W. Henderson, D.O.
Joy and Ryan N. Hulver, D.O.
The Koski Christian Silberg Group at Morgan Stanley
Drs. Kendra B. and Sean M. Krahenbuhl
Robert S. Lawson, D.O.
Nancy and Joey M. Manduano, D.O.
In Memory of Beverly J. Mathis, D.O. ~
Brooke D. Esteves, D.O.
Ragan J. Vaughan, D.O.
Drs. Sara N. and Kenneth M. McDonald
Caroline E. Merritt, D.O.
Jim Smay, Ph.D. and Jewel D. Montgomery, M.D.
Drake Sellmeyer, DDS and Michael S. Nick, D.O.
Oklahoma Osteopathic Association
Timothy and Rachel B. Ray, D.O.
Lynn and Danny L. Resser, D.O.
Shelly and Matthew W. Smith, D.O.
Drs. Amy M. and P. Ryan Stafford
Brad W. Stahlheber, D.O.
Sue and Thomas J. Stees, D.O.
Sue and Cliff Taylor
Ting Real Estate Advisors
Julie and Joshua Z. Vicena, D.O.
Mallory and Brad A. White, D.O.
L. Janelle Whitt, D.O.
Kathy and Tom Williams
Kimberly and Jay M. Williamson, D.O.
Sherri L. Wise, CPA
Drs. Courtney R. and William P. Wylie


Laura Arrowsmith, D.O.
Beshara’s Formal Wear
P. Michele Caine
Thomas M. Campbell
Katherine D. Cook, D.O.
Diane and George E. Erbacher, D.O.
Chelsey D. Griffin, D.O.
Beverly and Richard W. Schafer, D.O.
Melanie and E. Joseph Sutton, II, D.O.
Kristi and Jacob K. Tarabolous, D.O.
Barbara and Robert L. Winter, D.O.

In-kind Grand Prize Donors

Amy Teague Portraits & Film
Arvest Private Banking
Blank Med Spa ~
Jawad Trad, D.O.
CrossFit Jenks
DL Whitson Studio ~
Darren Whitson
Melanie and Jeremy S. Fullingim, D.O.
Greg H. Gray, D.O.
Carla and Kelly Grogg
Hyatt Regency Tulsa
Julie and Sanjay Meshri
Renaissance Periodization
Ski Docs ~
Joseph J. Back, D.O.
Kenneth H. Stover, D.O.
Leon J. Yoder, D.O.
Tulsa Opera