Winterset History

November 21, 1987 marked to return of Winterset with legendary actress Loretta Young. In 1990 the event was moved to February and continued as an annual fundraiser for the Tulsa Regional Medical Center Foundation.

1987An Evening with Loretta YoungPat and Stephen Williamson
1988Enchanted ForestPat and Stephen Williamson
1990A Sterling EveningRita and David F. Hitzeman, DO
1991A Crystal BallRita and David F. Hitzeman, DO
1992A White NightLinda and Edwin A. Berger, DO
1993Night MagicBarbara and Stanley E. Grogg, DO
1994A Golden CelebrationMelanie and E. Joseph Sutton, DO
1995Winter SplendorJulie and Joseph J. Back, DO
1996A Tulsa JewelJane and Monty Butts
1997A Victorian RomanceDiane and George E. Erbacher, DO
1998A Timeless TwilightAllison and Steve Fate
1999One Brief Shining MomentMary Jane and Steven C. Buck, DO
2000A New Century CelebrationMolly and Sheldon C. Berger, DO
2001A Time BeyondJill and Terrence E. Grewe, DO
2002MagnifiqueKim and Jay M. Williamson, DO
2003Poetry of PearlsJanell and Scott S. Cyrus, DO
2004Stepping OutRobin and Ronald S. LaButti, DO
2005The Triumph of Giving from the HeartSue and Jeffrey D. Smith, DO
2006Emeralds & Evergreens / Treasures of CaringJanice and Perry W. Evans, DO
200720 Years of Celebrating GreatnessSheryl and Steve E. Rose, DO
2008intertwyneVicki and R. Michael Eimen, DO
2009MystiqueLaura and David J. Miller, DO
2010Sequins & SouvenirsTerri and Tom A. Hamilton, DO
2011Winterset is UnforgettablePatti W. Shaw, DO and Brian A. Chalkin, DO
2012Winterset a finalePatti W. Shaw, DO and Brian A. Chalkin, DO
2013GlowHeather L. Bell, DO and Frank W. Bell, DO
2014SwingAdam Nemec and Mousumi Som, DO
2015SizzleKendal L. Hervert, DO and John C. Hervert, DO
2016NouveauJacqui and Stephen A. Back, DO
2017ThirtyLisa L. Crawford, DO and Drew S. Crawford, DO
2018FrescoKrystina K. Beaman, MD and Jason W. Beaman, DO
2019KoseligMelanie and Jeremy S. Fullingim, DO
2020FUSECynthia K. Wilkett, DO and D. Matt Wilkett, DO

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